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Northamptonshire Police Federation

Police Officers are to receive a 2% pay increase in 2018-19

27 July 2018

Police Officers are to receive a 2% pay increase in 2018-19


The increase will consist of:


  • a 2% pay increase for all police officer ranks
  • a 2% increase to the London Weighting payment
  • a 2% increase to the Dog Handlers’ Allowance

Northants Police Federation (NPF) chair Steve Pace points out that;

The 2% rise is actually only an 0.85% increase in real terms* with the government ignoring the recommendations of the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) for the second year running.  “ Our officers will struggle to feel valued and appreciated, when the government ignores the recommendation of its own independent pay review body, at a time where Northamptonshire is asking us to deal with unprecedented demand”.

In real terms police officer pay has now decreased by around 18% since 2009/10.


NPF will continue to lobby for improved pay and conditions as this amount undermines what police officers do, leaving a feeling that the Home office do not invest in their people or want to invest in the development of the service. 


*The 0.85% figure is derived from the fact that of last year’s 2%, only 1% was consolidated. That 1% has now been removed by the Government for this year’s pay award, so taking into  account pension contributions, then the  actual uplift is worth approximately 0 .85% to Constables. The increase will be paid from September 2018.