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Police Federation


We have commissioned a short run of podcasts hosted by broadcaster Ian Collins to air on a monthly basis.

The first 'FedCast' episode aired in January 2019 and featured National Chair John Apter and National Secretary Alex Duncan discussing hot topic of the moment police pensions as well as police pay and our pay challenge, their first six months in their roles, and our Protect The Protectors and Did You Know campaigns - listen to it below.

Our latest FedCast features National Chair John Apter and Operational Policing Lead Simon Kempton talking about the surge in violent crime, spit guards, Taser and body-worn video.

What is a podcast?
Listening to a podcast is a bit similar to listening to a radio programme.  It is a digital audio file which can be streamed or downloaded from the internet and listened to on various digital devices and through numerous online services.  A lot of people listen on their phone, but you can also listen on a desktop PC.  A podcast can be a one-off but are often a series of episodes.

What is the editorial format of your podcasts?
We have partnered with broadcaster Ian Collins to produce and present a monthly podcast, bringing voices of the Police Federation to the ears of police officers and other interested parties.  Subjects will vary month to month but include hot topics of the moment and issues across policing. 

Will you take questions from members?
Yes, each FedCast episode is structured as a question and answer session to highlight frequently asked questions so please get involved and ask questions via Twitter or email  Each episode will have a theme or set topics which we will try to stick to but we want to cover hot topics of the moment as well so please do get in touch and tell us want you what to know and we will do our best to supply the answers.  

How can I listen to your podcast?
There are a number of ways you can tune in to our podcast:

  • Most simply you will be able to click on a link on this page and listen to your chosen FedCast.
  • You can go to the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad, or on an Android device go to the Google Podcasts App and search for 'Police Federation'.
  • You can also find us on Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn.

Please note it can take longer for some platforms to upload podcasts which makers have no control over.

However you listen, you can stream or download our podcast - downloading is when you tansfer the audio file onto your device, whereas streaming means you are continuously streaming the data (both will consume the same amount of data, but streaming will consume both data and generally a lot of battery and means you will need a continuous internet connection, whereas downloaded podcasts can be played offline). 

You can also subscribe to our podcast to get notified of the latest episode and download it automatically.

Why are you doing a podcast?
We strive to engage with our members through a variety of channels to keep them informed and involved with our work and podcasting is a growing trend.  Ofcom said in September 2018: “Podcasts are booming in the UK, with nearly 6 million adults now tuning in each week”.

If you have any queries or comments please email

FedCast episodes

Please note: Content and information in each episode is correct at the time of recording.

FedCast 1 - Pensions, pay, campaigns and more (38:15) with National Chair John Apter and National Secretary Alex Duncan
Read about FedCast 1
Listen to FedCast 1 - you should also be able to find us on your phone, PC or other apps as above.

FedCast 2 - Police conduct, performance, discipline (31:31) with National Chair John Apter and Conduct Lead Phill Matthews
Read about FedCast 2
Listen to FedCast 2 - you should also be able to find us on your phone, PC or other apps as above.

FedCast 3 - Operational policing - surge in violent crime, spit guards, Taser and body-worn video (23:13) with National Chair John Apter and Operational Policing Lead Simon Kempton 

Read about FedCast 3

Listen to Fedcast 3

FedCast 4 - Why equality in policing has to be much more than ticking boxes

Read about FedCast 4

Listen to FedCast 4

FedCast 5 - Why politicians must recalibrate their relationship with policing

Read about FedCast 5

Listen to FedCast 5

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