Police Federation

National Chair responds to energy price cap announcement

Energy price cap to raise by 80%

26 August 2022


Responding to Ofgem's announcement today that the energy price cap will increase to £3,549 in October, National Chair Steve Hartshorn said:

“Confirmation that the energy price cap will increase again in October is yet another stark reminder of the huge financial pressures many of our members and their families are under.

“We’re now in the appalling situation where we are hearing about officers having to resort to food vouchers to feed their families, with one in seven struggling to cover their monthly essentials. This is only set to get worse as inflation increases and the cost-of-living crisis deepens, further exacerbating the significant reduction in police pay in real terms since 2010.

“Further action to support those struggling must now be an urgent priority for ministers. For police forces across England and Wales where morale is already low, this directly impacts our ability to protect the public.  

“All we as PFEW have ever asked for is for a fair pay and conditions for our members. If the Government fail to provide the financial support families need with more of our members struggling to make ends meet, it will only make the task of recruiting and retaining the high-quality police officers our country needs even more difficult.”

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