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Blog: Have a thorough MOT on International Men’s Day

19 November 2019

Belinda Goodwin, Police Federation Wellbeing Secretary

Wellbeing Secretary Belinda Goodwin

On International Men’s Day it is important to take the time to consider your physical and mental wellbeing. Catching anything going a little haywire in your mind or body at the early stages can drastically reduce the amount of intervention needed later, or even prevent the need for further treatment at all.

Get started today by giving yourself a thorough MOT from the head down.

Mental health

It is especially important for men to be able to check their wellbeing: statistically, men in the UK are three times more likely to take their own lives than women.

Many men still do not feel that they can openly discuss mental health issues.

Mental wellbeing is a vital issue to the Police Federation and we want to be there to offer support to any officer struggling to cope whatever the reason may be.

Physical health

Both treatment centres in Flint and Harrogate have seen increasing amounts of skeletal and muscular damage in officers carrying out their daily duties.

Being a police officer is an extremely physically demanding job and it is important to catch health problems before they become serious enough to cause real damage.

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