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We have selected our panel for the Independent Review

In his latest blog, PFEW CEO Mukund Krishna discusses how an independent panel has been appointed to investigate past failings and share their findings on the future governance of the Police Federation of England and Wales.

3 July 2024


As I have announced previously, PFEW is committed to change. I was appointed into this role to help ensure the Federation had a future given the challenge posed by the pension's judgment, and then to focus on making sure it was delivering for its members.

For the first part, we continue to have conversations with Leigh Day to agree a settlement that is fair to claimants and protects the finances of the Federation. While this work has been ongoing, we are also focusing on improving the structure and culture within the organisation and, crucially, this work is driven by feedback from members including through some of my recent visits to forces around the country, creating open conversations with my CEO direct video series, and conducting a culture survey to further understand member sentiment.

As you may remember, I also promised to appoint an independent panel to review the governance in the organisation. I am pleased to announce that this process has begun, and we should expect to see initial findings in October 2024.

The purpose of the review is to look back at past failings and ensure we are creating a more professional organisation for members, following the recent pensions challenge judgment. The review board will leave no stone unturned to provide answers to members on why we have not delivered for them in the past.

The independent panel has been appointed based on their impressive backgrounds in legal and business sectors as well as experience in leading unions or transformation programmes. The audit is set to begin immediately and to be chaired by British Trade Unionist Professor Mary Bousted alongside former Which? Chief Executive Mr Peter Vicary-Smith, and former President of the Law Society of England and Wales Dr I. Stephanie Boyce.

The panel will be entitled to determine its own working procedures and, if it wishes, co-opt other members or seek expert advice. In addition to reviewing the current governance structure and model within PFEW, their remit will also cover cultural and behavioural issues. They will gather evidence through interviews, written submissions, and document reviews. I look forward to seeing the panel's findings which will lead to decisive action from PFEW so these issues can never happen again.

While this review is important, it will not distract from the excellent work of Federation representatives around the country who continue to work night and day in the best interests of our members. The review is needed to ensure that the members of the future are not paying for past mistakes, and this means we must be honest about where failings happened and open about how we move forward. The appointed panel members will bring the best expertise and advice to help transform the Federation so it can better support dedicated officers for the long haul.

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