Leicestershire  Police Federation

Bursary Scheme

We are very pleased to announce the new Promotion and Further Education Bursary which is live from April 1st 2022 to 31st March 2023.

The reason for its creation is simple – we are living in extraordinary times with inflation and the cost of living soaring with each day and no prospect of a real terms pay increase any time soon.

Our members should not have to stall their careers because they are not able to afford the materials to either take the next step in promotion to Sergeant or Inspector, become a detective by taking the NIE, or further their education away from the Police.

We can now offer the sum of up to £75 to each subscribing Federation member to assist with these goals. The money will be paid on production of a receipt for books, materials or course fees and can be made straight into your bank account. If you are using our offer to pursue a qualification outside of the Police it must be recognised on the Register for Regulated Qualifications – https://register.ofqual.gov.uk  or offered by a recognised Higher Education Institution i.e. University.

This is a substantial commitment by the Branch and at this time is limited to a one-time payment per member (this may be reviewed in the future) This offer is valid for courses/exams and materials purchased between 1/4/2022 up to 31/3/23. No backdated requests will be authorised.

Should you wish to apply for this scheme, please contact the Federation office – leics@polfed.org - to request the link for registration.