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Police Officer 2022/23 Pay Rise: Reaction from Leicestershire Police Federation Chair Adam Commons

19 July 2022


Police Officer 2022/23 Pay Rise: Reaction from Leicestershire Police Federation Chair Adam Commons


The Government announcement today that police officers will get a pay award of £1,900 from 1 September 2022 - immediate reaction from Leicestershire Police Federation Chair Adam Commons.

The rise equates to an 8.8% increase for the lowest paid officers – and is equivalent to a 5% overall pay award when all ranks and pay scales are taken into account.

The Home Office said it has accepted the recommendations of the Police Remuneration Review Body in full, saying it reflects “the vital role police officers have on the frontline making our streets safer”.

Adam said: “The announcement today comes with mixed feelings and I’m still waiting for the final figures to be checked by PFEW. On one hand I’m really pleased that our new entrants are getting a rise equivalent to 8.8%. The starting pay was a disgrace and barely above the national living wage and this is a step to ensuring we can attract starters on a better wage.

“However, the Home Office clearly want to create some divisions in the ranks in the way the pay rise has been applied across the scales. It’s also still a real terms pay cut as it is not in line with inflation.

“Did I expect to get a 9% rise today? Honestly, no I didn’t, but we weren’t ignored either. But this is not the end of the fight, we’ll get up tomorrow and go again. We implored the Government to accept the findings of the PRRB which they have done, although doing it with their own twist.

“Now I want to go further with a fully independent pay body who cannot be swayed by the Government and whose findings are legally binding. Much like IPSA do for our politicians! What’s good for the goose as they say.”

The Government also announced it has raised the starting salary for officers joining on the Degree Apprentice programme to £23,556 – also from 1 September.

The Dog Handlers’ Allowance will also be increased by 5%.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “It is right that we recognise the extraordinary work of our officers who day in, day out, work tirelessly to keep our streets, communities and country safe.”

In its recommendation to the Government, the PRRB noted concerns about the cost of living on junior ranks.

The Home Office said it would be supporting forces with an additional £350 million over the next three years, from within its existing budget, to help cover the associated costs of the pay award.