Leicestershire  Police Federation

Meet Your Reps! DC Charlotte Rodgers is a newly elected Leicestershire Police Federation Representative

1 October 2021


Meet Your Reps! DC Charlotte Rodgers is a newly elected Leicestershire Police Federation Representative


Q) How long have you been in the police?
I’m just coming up to four years in the police, so I’m one of the youngest-in-service Fed Reps at Leicestershire. I started out on response, as all officers do, went into neighbourhood investigations, and then I’ve been working in CID as a trainee detective for the past year and a half. I wanted to run as a Rep in the last elections, but I was studying for my Detectives exam at the time. So being a Rep has been on the cards for a year or so – I’m just glad that I’ve got here now.

Q) Why did you decide to become a Fed Rep
Federation Chair Adam Commons was my tutor, so I knew about the Federation from the very beginning. I saw that many of the Fed reps had a lot of experience, which is great. But I understand the challenges that student officers face, so I wanted to bring my own experience to help the younger members. I’ve been there recently and I know what it’s like. Sometimes people think, ‘You’re quite young in service yourself, how are you going to help people?’ but I think that comes with its advantages.

Q) What particular issues do student officers face?
Sometimes it’s just the basics of understanding the regulations and knowing what they are entitled to, such as additional pay for overtime, allowances etc. It can be scary when you’re a new officer going to ask someone who’s more experienced what you might think is a silly question about regulations. Whereas when it’s a rep who’s a bit newer, it’s less daunting to approach them. 

Q) Will it be challenging balancing your job and being a Fed Rep?
It’s always going to be a challenge to balance everything, but that’s the same for everyone. I’m actually on restricted duties at the moment because I broke my arm, but I was still able to attend the branch meeting via Teams. You have to go above and beyond your normal duty hours to help people as a Fed Rep, but it’s worth it.

Q) What are you most looking forward to?
I grew up in the world of health and safety, and that’s one area I’m keen to learn more about – how that relates to policing, what we can do in terms of making sure members are being supported. But I’m just looking forward to getting started, really!