Leicestershire  Police Federation

Leicestershire Police Federation on the challenges officers are facing while policing Covid-19

11 January 2021


Leicestershire Police Federation on the challenges officers are facing while policing Covid-19


Leicestershire Police Federation Chairman Adam Commons has been highlighting the challenges Lockdown 3 is bringing to policing and the reality of what officers face as they work to keep people safe from Covid-19.

Adam said: “We are now a few days into a new National Lockdown where it is a case of all change again with my colleagues having to deal with more changes to legislation.

“Let’s just count up how many changes we have had - the national lockdown in March was unprecedented and probably the easiest to interpret as all but essential food shops were closed.

"Then Leicestershire became the first localised lockdown, followed by a tier system, another national lockdown in November, back to tiers, the addition of new tiers and now another national lockdown.

“Each time there is a change the Government guidance has to be amended and my colleagues are expected to enforce it and deal with any breaches at the same time as our ‘normal’ policing demand.

“Again, we see in the media this week those who seek to criticise the incredibly difficult job that my colleagues are trying to do. It’s quick and easy to edit a film clip and give it a different context, but sadly something we see happen regularly.

“I have not seen those same problems in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and I thank and encourage the public to continue to engage with us. I know these are challenging and difficult times but we all have a part to play in protecting the NHS and saving lives.”

Adam concluded: “My colleagues across the country do not deserve the negative attention they are receiving. They are putting their health on the line to keep us all safe and I will continue my request for the Prime Minister to treat police officers as a higher priority in the vaccine roll out once the most vulnerable have received theirs.”