Leicestershire  Police Federation

Group Insurance Scheme Offers New Benefits For 2021

7 January 2021


Group Insurance Scheme Offers New Benefits For 2021


The Group Insurance Scheme now offers even more value to serving officers, Leicestershire Police Federation Chair Adam Commons has said, with extra benefits such as Home Emergency Cover – and the price is frozen at last year’s level.

The Leicestershire Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme is just £26.50 a month, unchanged from last year. It covers £110,000 of life insurance, as well as travel and mobile phone insurance, sick pay cover and legal expenses cover.

The new Home Emergency Cover will “put officers in a better position”, Adam said.

He said: “Even though we’ve kept the price the same, we’ve added benefits. The main one being Home Emergency Cover for those that are subscribed to it, which covers breakdown of your central heating, plumbing and drainage problems, damage to the locks and windows on your doors, loss of power supply, roof damage.

"Everything you could put down as a home emergency, it’s likely to be covered.

“It’s a single claim line number that is available 24hrs a day 365 days a year and an approved contractor will come to your home to help with the emergency.

“There are also more police-specific benefits now. There’s an unsociable hours benefit, which will be incredibly useful for my colleagues who can claim unsociable hours. If they’re off for a period of time it’s something that they would miss, so now they can claim some benefit back through the Group Insurance. We’ve also got some on-duty assault benefits if you were to suffer assault by a firearm or stabbing.”

Other key benefits include motor breakdown cover, counselling services and GP24, which gives 24-access to a GP via phone or video.

If officers are new to the scheme, it is free for the first three months. Adam says the insurance is “invaluable”.

He said: “Everybody always thinks, ‘I won’t end up getting sick. I won’t end up having time off work. I’m fit. I’m healthy.’ But there are lots of colleagues who, for a number of reasons, find themselves in situations where they have to have long-term absence from work and this is an incredibly good benefit to have, because it bumps up your pay if you go down to the half-pay level.


“Also, when it comes to conduct and performance issues, if you are being investigated for something that is off-duty then you are likely to have some legal coverage through the scheme, which can be invaluable.”

To sign up, visit https://lpf-trusts.org/group-insurance/, call 0116 275 9930 or email groupinsurance@lpf.polfed.org.