Leicestershire  Police Federation

Chairman Adam Commons on what unlocking really means to Leicestershire Police officers

16 April 2021


Chairman Adam Commons on what unlocking really means to Leicestershire Police officers


Ahead of this weekend, Chairman Adam Commons looks at what the country unlocking over the coming weeks will mean for hardworking Leicestershire Police officers.

Adam said: “Hopefully this week is the first and final step in returning to normality as the phased return of shops, pubs and restaurants begins - although personally I’m looking forward to a proper haircut!

“Of course, this is a good thing. We have had people shielding for months who may now be able to see friends or family, some industries can return to work and hopefully get the economy going again. Unfortunately, my job means I have to be a little bit pessimistic, and for all the good things that this brings, along with it will come more work for my colleagues. 

“This is all happening just in time for the weather getting a little better, sporting events wanting to return to having crowds present, night time economy. When you then factor in the continued Kill the Bill protests seen elsewhere in the country, planning for the G7 and everything else beyond the summer and we see that it is really never ending for the police because we have to be part of these events to protect public safety.

“We will be prepared in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to face this, but it comes with an impact of duty changes and longer shifts for my colleagues. There is no return to normal for policing, because it is far from a normal job.

“Whilst people celebrate in the sun, my colleagues will be working as hard as ever, often missing out on time with their own family and friends. They need a break from the constant media pummelling they have taken over the last year.

“Everyone seems to have been a critic with a view on how they think we should do things.

“But I don’t see those critics being brave enough to put on the uniform and come and have a go themselves. It’s time for our media outlets to stop the sensationalist reporting and remember we have continued to police through the pandemic, despite being exhausted, despite trying to police through masks and goggles and despite being at risk of catching Covid throughout.

“As we celebrate the easing of lockdown, let’s celebrate our amazing police officers and everything they continue to do.”