Leicestershire  Police Federation

*UPDATE* Leicestershire Police Federation send out welfare pack to members to help with Covid-19

9 June 2020


*UPDATE* Leicestershire Police Federation send out welfare pack to members to help with Covid-19


Leicestershire Police Federation has put together a new wellbeing pack to help members deal with the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak.

Policing the county has been extremely challenging in recent weeks and officers have naturally been worried about the impact of COVID-19, not just on their health but on the health and welfare of their families left at home.

This new pack provides them with information and links to the professional help and guidance they might need while on duty or self-isolating at home.

Inside, members will find financial support and advice, tips on staying mentally and physically fit and a reminder of some of the important services offered by the Federation.

Federation Deputy Secretary and Wellbeing Lead Joe Lloyd and Vice Chair Adam Commons said the Federation are concerned about members and their families’ wellbeing and that they are ‘extremely proud of how they are all working and coping at this stressful time.’

You can see the pack here https://online.pubhtml5.com/ncsw/uevc/ 

If you are accessing this from a Force computer please click here to download a PDF version of the Wellbeing pack.


*UPDATE* Police Mutual are inviting officers to book a Free telephone appointment with one of their Financial Wellbeing Consultants who will be able to talk through with them topics that are of a particular interest to them. This should help officers to understand how to keep their finances in check and further equip them with the tools to enable officers to make the most of their money, which in turn could help them to achieve their financial goals and be financially resilient. For more information, please click here.