Leicestershire  Police Federation

Officers Urged To Take Part In Demand, Capacity And Welfare Survey

5 October 2020


Officers Urged To Take Part In Demand, Capacity And Welfare Survey


Leicestershire Police Federation is urging officers to have their say on the issues affecting them on the frontline by completing the 2020 Demand, Capacity and Welfare survey.

The PFEW survey, now in its third year, aims to gather evidence from officers to help influence positive change for the entire police service.

Every officer from Constable to Chief Inspector can fill in the survey and share their views on the big issues in policing and how they affect their roles.

This year the survey hopes to capture officers’ personal experiences of policing COVID-19 and the Government plan to recruit an extra 20,000 colleagues by 2023.

Other topics covered include resilience within the police service, the day-to-day de-mands facing officers, and the stress and impact on their mental health and welfare.

Leicestershire Police Federation Vice-Chair Adam Commons said he hoped mem-bers would take time out of their busy schedules and take part.

He said: “I’d like as many of my colleagues to complete it as possible.

“It is the only survey that captures their views on the daily demands and pressures that they face and the impact on their welfare.”

The survey closes on Monday 16th November. Details about how to take part should be in members’ email inboxes.