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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Support programme available to all Federation members

25 June 2021

Hertfordshire Police Federation has welcomed the development of the Federation’s Welfare Support Programme (WSP) to provide a wide range of services including clinical assessment and counselling to members.

The pioneering programme, provided by the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS), is being funded by the Police Federation of England and Wales and will be available to all subscribing members.

It complements welfare services already available to Hertfordshire branch members and also offers person-centred support, access to fully trained and accredited professionals, independent and confidential support and referrals-appropriate follow-on specialist support.

Hertfordshire Police Federation branch secretary Al Wollaston said: “We already offer excellent support to our members but the further development of the Welfare Support Programme provides a range of additional services for them to access in times of need.

“We welcome all measures designed to improve the health and wellbeing of our members and are pleased to be joining forces with our colleagues at the DMWS.”

PFEW chair John Apter found out more about the WSP when he visited the DMWS headquarters in Hampshire with policing minister Kit Malthouse.

John said: “We’re delighted to be working with Defence Medical Welfare Service to deliver our Welfare Support Programme.

“Our local Federation branches already go above and beyond to help members in their time of need, but thanks to DMWS we can go one step further and provide this extra and invaluable support service to all.

“We are very pleased with the progress so far and we know it is already making a tangible difference to the lives of our colleagues who, when in a dark place, often don’t feel comfortable reaching out to their force, but look to the Federation for support.”

Mr Malthouse said: “Our police officers go above and beyond every single day – risking their safety to protect the public and keep us all safe – so it’s vital we give them the health and wellbeing support they need.

“The work of the Defence Medical Welfare Service complements our efforts and gives police officers a place to go in their time of need – I’m extremely grateful for their efforts and was delighted to visit and see their excellent work in action.”

To find out more about the new WSP or to get support, please contact DMWS at police@mws.uk.com or on 01264 586 942.



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