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Hertfordshire Police Federation

“Reaching out before things get overwhelming can make a huge difference”

9 September 2021

Hertfordshire Police Federation has called for a better approach to checking in on officer wellbeing after a recent Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) scheme involving Fed reps met with success.

The scheme, which is still in its pilot stage, aims to help representatives balance their full-time role with their Federation responsibilities.

It does this by helping reps identify potential stressors and offering helpful, practical advice on coping with the demands of the role.

Hertfordshire Police Federation chair Geoff Bardell said: “It is vitally important we keep track of the mental wellbeing of our members before it reaches crisis point, and I’m proud of the work the Federation is doing in this area.

“Forces still do not record the number of traumatic incidents officers attend, which means those who are struggling are forced to ask for help themselves – something that many find incredibly difficult.

“Added to this, the pressures of long-term cuts to funding and lack of resources, not to mention the ongoing impact of Covid-19, can lead to unimaginable stress on officers.

“Just reaching out with helpful advice and a kind word before things get overwhelming can make a huge difference.”

National Federation wellbeing chair Hayley Aley suggested to attendees at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham this week that forces record the number and type of incidents officers attend and use the data to offer practical support to those who may be struggling.

“If the organisation could work with that information, take the time to speak to the officer, check in and give them that support we would be pre-emptively tackling the problem,” she said.



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