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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Pay and morale survey launches today

1 November 2021

An annual survey launched today will give Federation members the chance to make their voices heard loud and clear.

Hertfordshire Police Federation is calling on its members to take part in the 2021 pay and morale survey, which is online and aims to gain views from officers on the frontline.

The results will then be used to support the Police Federation of England and Wales’ campaign for fairer pay for officers.

Hertfordshire branch chair Geoff Bardell said:  “We hear from our members that morale across policing has suffered in recent years as numbers have fallen and expectations have grown, and none of this has been helped by the zero per cent pay rise.

“To a certain extent pay and morale go hand-in-hand. No one joins the police to become rich, but it is only fair that officers are properly rewarded for the work they do, particularly at times of national crisis such as the pandemic.

“This survey is expected to highlight how let down our members were left feeling by the pay freeze this year and we can only hope its findings are taken on board by ministers as policing tries to re-establish its relationship with the Government.

“I would strongly urge all Hertfordshire branch members to take part in the survey and let their voices be heard.”

National chair John Apter said the survey was the only consistent national study that represented member attitudes on pay and conditions, and the results would play a vital part in supporting the ongoing fairer pay campaign across England and Wales.

The findings from last year’s survey starkly illustrated the damage caused by Covid-19 as more than three quarters (76 per cent) of respondents felt they were unfairly paid for the risks and responsibilities of their job during the pandemic.

The factor most likely to have a detrimental effect on their morale was how the police as a whole are treated, while 70 per cent of those planning to leave the service said their treatment had played a major impact on their intention to leave.

John said: “The Government’s decision to freeze police officer pay was met with huge disappointment and anger by our members.

“The current Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) system has proved it is not fit for purpose and it must be replaced by something which properly takes account of policing interests and is not readily and easily manipulated by the Government.

“This is why I am urging all members to take the time to complete this survey. Your opinion matters and your feedback will give us the evidence to be able to fight for fairer pay and conditions on your behalf.

“Together our voices are stronger and more impactful.”

Following the news of a police pay freeze earlier this year, the Police Federation launched a national campaign with the aim to reset police-Government relations and fight for a fairer pay system that acknowledges the tremendous efforts of police officers who risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. 

It withdrew from the PRRB after recommendations from the body were once again disregarded by the Government, leaving officers with no uplift in pay despite the efforts and challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The latest survey is being conducted by the Police Federation’s in-house research department, which plays a vital part in providing strategically important evidence to achieve better pay and conditions for members.

A link to the survey will be sent to members this week, and they have until Tuesday 30 November to complete it.



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