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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Oscar Kilo hosts wellbeing seminars

10 February 2021

Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service, has put together a series of coronavirus-themed sessions to help police officers and staff with their resilience.

The sessions cover home schooling (today), vaccinations (11 February), returning to normal (19 February), lockdown (23 February) and staying connected with others (25 February).

Hertfordshire Police Federation chair Geoff Bardell is encouraging members, where possible, to join the sessions.

Geoff said: “We are living and working through uncertain times and many of us have to deal with our own issues, such as anxiety, loss and isolation.

“These online sessions are designed to help with resilience and offer you the chance to discuss issues in more detail.”

Find out more and sign up.

Oscar Kilo has also teamed up with sleep scientist Dr Sophie Bostock to produce ‘Better Sleep’ webinars.

The first four covered banishing the winter blues, sleep strategies for shift workers, solving stubborn sleep problems, and nightmares, snoring, sleep-walking and other challenges.

The next session – Sleepless Parents’ Survival Guide – takes place on Thursday 4 March at 11am. You can sign up for the webinar now.

Geoff said: “Our sleep patterns can be subject to all sorts of challenges, particularly if you are a shift-worker or a parent. We know that a lack of sleep can affect your work and personal life, and these webinars can help you get in control of your sleep.”

Oscar Kilo is also running new resilience webinars to support officers and staff with their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The first webinar called Duty of Self Care took place on Tuesday (9 February). It looked at serving the public, the impact of the job on your mental health and how to look after yourself and avoid burn-out.

The second - The Masks We Wear – takes place on 15 March at 11am and looks at how we present ourselves and respond to others.

They are hosted by BACP-accredited psychotherapist Alexis Powell-Howard, of Grimsby-based Fortis Therapy and Training.

Find out more about the webinars and sessions in the special February edition of the Oscar Kilo newsletter.




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