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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Geoff honoured to remain as Federation chair

7 December 2021

Hertfordshire Police Federation chair Geoff Bardell said he was “very honoured” to have secured a second term in office.

Geoff has vowed to continue focussing on officer welfare and working with the Force to streamline and speed up policies and procedures over the next three years.

He predicted the introduction of the College of Policing’s new Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF) and the Government’s uplift programme would be among the challenges faced by the Police Federation during his second term.

And he said continuing to police during the pandemic and tackling the ongoing issues surrounding officer pay, conditions and morale would also remain high priorities in his in-tray.

Reflecting on his first three years as chair, Geoff said: “I first put myself forward because I thought I had the skills and abilities to be an effective chair. 

“I already had relationships with very senior officers, not least because very many of them had been managed by me in the past.”

He said his key achievements had been using Police Federation funds in new areas to support members’ wellbeing such as team building days, the respite and welfare holiday home, the specially-commissioned welfare van and making financial contributions towards counselling.

He also listed making members comfortable with approaching him directly as chair and said he believed keeping an effective Police Federation service throughout the coronavirus pandemic was an achievement in itself.

Geoff's career in the Police Federation dates back to 2007 when he first became an inspector Fed rep for the western area of Hertfordshire.

He  said: “I wanted to give a voice for the inspector ranks with issues they may feel they couldn’t raise with senior officers. 

“I had also decided that having reached the rank of inspector I didn’t wish to go any higher and was aiming at some point to have a full time role within the Police Federation.

“I am very honoured that people have returned me for a second term as branch chair.”



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