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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Federation support for all members

19 January 2021

Officers who are victims or witnesses in conduct investigations will be supported by the Federation during any inquiry carried out by the Force’s Professional Standards Department (PSD) or the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

And Paul Coxall, Hertfordshire Police Federation’s conduct and performance lead, has given an assurance that all members will be provided with the appropriate support, advice and protection.

“It is critically important that we are there not just for members who are subject to investigations but also those who are victims or witnesses in these proceedings,” said Paul.

“We understand that the very nature of these cases can prove to be a difficult and sensitive time in an officer’s career. If members find themselves in this position, we want to ensure that they are provided with the appropriate support, advice and protection from victimisation.

“Having reported wrongdoing, it is unfortunate that in some cases officers can feel ostracised by individuals in the workplace, leading to a lack of vital support and feelings of loneliness and isolation.”

Paul stressed: “The organisation and the Police Federation will fully support officers when reporting wrongdoing or challenging improper conduct. It is our expectation that officers will be offered the services of the Federation from the outset of an investigation into a fellow member of staff.”

If a member seeks help and support from the Federation, they will be allocated a trained representative who will advise them on proceedings and make representations as necessary.


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