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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Federation praise for pandemic policing

17 May 2021

Hertfordshire Police Federation secretary Al Wollaston has acknowledged officers’ exceptional work in facing up to the challenges of policing the pandemic as lockdown restrictions finally begin to ease.

Al paid tribute to members for their efforts to ensure the seemingly ever-changing Covid-19 rules and legislation were properly policed and said officers had every right to be proud of their response to the unprecedented demands presented by the pandemic.

He said: “Policing during the pandemic has been difficult for officers. They put their health at risk and worried about taking the virus back to their families. They also found themselves facing criticism from sections of the media for simply trying to do their jobs in extremely challenging circumstances. 

“I hope they realise most members of the public understood the difficulties they were facing and appreciated their efforts.”

Al was commenting after national Federation chair John Apter sent out a message to the public.

In an open letter published in the Daily Express, he explained:  “This has been a very difficult time for many – losing loved ones, losing jobs, and having restrictions placed on us which would have been unimaginable before this pandemic.

“We have all done our best during these past 15 months and collectively our goal has been to save lives and stop the spread of this deadly virus. Police officers have been put in an incredibly difficult position, policing the ever-changing Covid-19 rules and legislation. 

“Without your support and understanding, their job would have been impossible. You will have seen a style of policing which has been alien to you. This is also alien to my colleagues. 

“We did not join policing to police in the way we’ve had to. But this has been necessary to protect each other and save lives.”

And in a special message of gratitude, John said: “To you, the public, that silent majority who I know support my colleagues, thank you.”





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