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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Fed rep dedicated to getting members’ voices heard

13 August 2021

“Officers need a voice and deserve to be heard. That’s what I do and will continue to do,” says Hertfordshire Police Federation representative Dean Cornish.

Dean joined the Force in 2003 and spent a total of 18 years working at Cheshunt station before becoming a full-time Fed rep in April this year. 

“The reason I became a Federation rep was to use my personal skills in a positive way to give something back to my colleagues when they require any form of help or support as we all know what type of experiences and trauma comes our way,” he says, “As an experienced officer, I have probably been through what most officers may be experiencing.”

His passion stems from wanting to support his colleagues, by giving them “someone to talk to” and “stand up for them when needed”.

“It’s what my personality is all about,” he continues, “We all join the job as we wish to serve the community and protect those in their most difficult circumstances.  Our officers deserve the same support and respect that we give those in our community when they are in need.” 

As lead for the Police Federation Welfare Support Programme, through which members can access extra support, Dean says he is especially concerned about the wellbeing of officers, something he believes has been highlighted this past two years.

He added: “This is a demanding, unique role that we do – it is unlike any other. We are not robots. We do this job because we care and wish to help but we also do it for our families and to provide for them.  

“Officers’ health shouldn’t be ignored, we need support, guidance and shouldn’t feel ashamed for seeking help.  Our Force has lost sight of this recently and it’s our job to be their voice and to be heard. This is something I feel very strongly about.”

Dean, who has been a family liaison officer working in both traffic and crime, sits on the People’s Council, Awards Council and Sexual Harassment Focus Group. He is also a Crown Court liaison officer.

“I hope that from the roles I perform you can see that my skills are around people,” he adds, “I am a people’s person and have been complimented on my people skills in a wide range of situations.”

Dean says his portfolio of roles show that he has the communication skills to represent members, especially when facing senior management. “This isn’t something that comes as a struggle,” he explains.

“I think just because of an officer’s rank that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stand up and express concerns or even challenge management in the correct manner and respect levels.”

With self-satisfaction his main motivator, Dean says he wants to do his very best for the members he represents. 

“When you receive positive feedback from the people that you have invested so much time and effort into, then, well I’m sure you all have had that feeling,” he added.

“The number of members we help is amazing. Often people aren’t aware of the work we do, but I can say how proud I am of the work the Hertfordshire branch does.”




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