28 days from today is Thu, 29 December 2022

Hampshire Police Federation

Frontline Fitness

My name is Geoff Speak and I work as a Fitness mentor within Frontline Fitness. I’ve been a frontline officer for 17 years, working mostly on response for 14 of those years but also working on neighbourhoods and on proactive units.

During this time I’ve had the opportunity to see the significant demands and strains that our roles can take on us both physically and psychologically.

Whilst we all come to work to do good, we also acknowledge the detrimental effect it can have on us in the long term.

So I wanted to set up a free resource within the organisation where staff could find support, motivation and education to help them reach their health and fitness goals and be able to perform to the best of their ability in their role but also be at their best for themselves and their families.

I’m not saying that we should be eating kale and running marathons every day (because a life without brownies sounds a bit dull!!) but by making small changes to our lifestyles just 1% at a time, we can find a balance of family life, personal health and fitness and work.

Together with the support of Hampshire Constabularys leadership, we are working towards creating a culture change where we can all support each other to live well and feel empowered enough to understand the choices we make, and ask for help if we don’t.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Here is where you can come and see more of what we are doing and find an ever growing resource of workouts, recipe ideas and motivation.





Staff of Hampshire Constabulary can also find us by searching the intranet for FRONTLINE FITNESS which is where you’ll also find the email address to contact us.