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Hampshire Police Federation

Travel update from group insurance providers regarding Coronavirus

17 March 2020

Travel update from Hampshire Police Federation group insurance providers 

If a person has an underlying medical condition and is considered high risk to travel, providing a GP advises against travel on that basis, then Aviva will consider a claim subject to medical evidence (Confirmation from ‘GP care on demand’ would be acceptable). https://www.polfed.org/hants/media/1482/group-insurance-booklet-dec-2019.pdf

GP Care On Demand (Reference: HANTS2019) Tel: +44(0) 203 499 4891

If they are not high risk/have no medical issues but chose to self-isolate and as a result, cancel their trip, then this isn’t covered by the insurance.

Below is the latest advice from our insurers in response to member’s queries.

  • Before travelling follow the advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) – this will be kept up to date. If you travel against this advice then any cover which may otherwise be available will be invalidated. This is a standard exclusion on the policy.


  • If as a result of the FCO advice you need to cancel your trip or the airline / travel provider cancels your trip then in the first instance you should contact them to discuss your options. These options could be: postponing fights / re-arranging to a different destination / refund.
  • With regard to the insurance policy, any cancellation/curtailment/change of itinerary must be as a result of a specified event, numbered 1-6 in the policy. The outbreak of a virus/infectious disease is not unfortunately one of the specified contingencies and is therefore not covered. However, if you are unable to obtain a refund or re-arrange your trip, you may contact Aviva Travel Claims for their consideration of a claim and they will assess at that time.
  • If you become poorly whilst you are away and require medical treatment and/or need to change your travel arrangements then this should be covered by the travel policy providing you did not travel against the advice of the FCO or governmental body.
  • If you simply decide that you no longer wish to travel and there is no actual restriction in place for that particular destination this is simply disinclination to travel which is not covered by the policy.
  • This is an ever-evolving situation and FCO guidance is subject to frequent change.
  • If you have an underlying medical condition and your GP advises against travel on that basis, Aviva would consider a claim subject to medical evidence.