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Hampshire Police Federation

Our members are on their knees

4 July 2019

Another critical incident requiring a police response which sees officers from all commands within the constabulary being utilised. This is a response to an incident of such tragic circumstances that nobody can say no.
With the summer holidays just days away and an increasing demand on an already stretched service, our members are braced for the potential of cancelled leave and disrupted family life.
Our members want to serve the public the best they can but with scarce resource versus increased demand, Hampshire Police Federation is warning the public that our cries of ‘cuts have consequences’ will be louder and more legitimate than ever.
We hope that our submissions to the pay award bodies are heeded and that a decent pay increase provides some consolation for our members. However, money doesn’t solve this problem. We need greater numbers, stronger support from the criminal justice system when our members are assaulted, and reduced bureaucracy so that our members can do what they swore they would do - serve the public to the best of their ability.