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Hampshire Police Federation

Hampshire Pensions comment

5 July 2019

Our board met this week to discuss the urgent Police Pensions issue.
Our chair, Alex Charge, said: “Whilst we appreciate the National Police Federation is seeking to do the best for members in respect of the recent Supreme Court Decision, our position differs from that of PFEW.
“We also recognise that this is a complex matter and very close to our members’ hearts.
“The Hampshire Police Federation Board met on Wednesday to discuss the matter fully. We recognise that this issue has caused much upset and concern to our members; I apologise for the delay, but it was key that this was discussed by the board in a democratic way.
“Our position is that all officers should be returned to the original pension scheme they signed up for, except where this would be financially detrimental to the individual.
“We are attending a National Council meeting next Tuesday in Birmingham at which we will discuss pensions in detail, and we will seek to negotiate on behalf of Hampshire officers and influence the national position.”
We will update you further following the meeting on Tuesday.