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Hampshire Police Federation

DDAY 75 hailed a success

5 June 2019

Hampshire Police Federation have been well engaged with the constabulary from the outset of the planning for the policing response for DDAY75 - Operation Viscount.

We were able to influence planners and commanders in relation to welfare, accommodation and entitlements for not just our local members but the many hundreds that joined us on mutual aid from across England and Wales.

With just 40 days notice to plan for our veterans to safely commemorate DDAY75, was no easy feat.

However we are proud that the accommodation and welfare provision has been successful and where it has fallen below expectations our 24/7 contact number has allowed us to resolve any issue swiftly in partnership with the forces logistics and planning department.

We have received a great deal of positive feedback which is assuring given the large scale of the event with such a short period of time to scope accommodation, plan logistics and organise officers to ensure a safe, positive and respectful response in support of the international DDAY75 event.

Thank you to all the visiting and our own local members, it was a pleasure to meet you and to represent you all