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Hampshire Police Federation

Flint House

“ The Flint House mission is to provide the highest standards of individually planned, rehabilitation services, for both mental and physical health, to warranted serving Police Officers, retired Police Officers, Special Constables, PCSOs, DDO's MOD, BTP and CNC Officers”

The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House based in South Oxfordshire is a charity supported principally by the donations of the above police categories in our mission statement.

Flint House has a highly skilled team of Physiotherapists, Mental Health Practitioners and Registered Nurses, who every year assist over 3300 Officers get back to full operational health. Flint House focuses on assisting serving officers back to full duties, using sophisticated and specialised programme of treatments and therapies. The reason we refer to the officers as ‘Patients’ is to denote the fact that they are here for active treatment under the care of health professionals and that we treat them as individuals, with no rank structure or any reference to their police title.

Retired officers are also welcome and are assessed individually and treated in a holistic manner for an improved quality of life on return home. It’s only physiotherapy treatment that is available for Retired Officers at the cost of £400 (£200 on submission of application and a further £200 when you check in) for a 1 week stay (accommodation, food and treatment included).


How do I donate?

Serving Police Officers – donations are taken from your monthly Welfare Fund subscriptions.

Special Constables, PCSOs, DDO's MOD, BTP and CNC Officers – can donate directly to Flint House by visiting https://www.flinthouse.co.uk/donating-to-flint-house/specials-pcso-designated-detention-staff-donate.

Retired Officers – please complete and return the attached form directly to Flint House https://www.flinthouse.co.uk/images/Admission_Form_V8_Retired.pdf.


For an application please visit the Flint House website. The Federation no longer need your completed application as part 2 can be signed by your line manager. We would recommend taking a copy of your application before posting to Flint House and/or sending recorded or special delivery due to the personal information that is on your form.


If you are a member of our Group Insurance Scheme you can use the GP Care on Demand benefit to get a GP to complete the medical information (part 3) of your application.


If you have any questions or would like to contribute towards the Welfare Fund please contact the Federation Office.


June 2021