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National Police Memorial Day: family of Terry Davies tell how day never loses significance

31 May 2023

The family of a Gwent officer who died while on duty say every National Police Memorial Day remains ‘just as significant as the last’, as they explain how the event is a day to ‘reflect, remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones’.

PC Terry Davies was cycling home when he died after being hit by a stolen car on 30 August 1990.

He and his wife, Jayne, were parents to Becky at the time and expecting their second daughter, Lowri, who graduated as a Gwent Police officer in 2017 and now has her dad’s collar number.

“The National Police Memorial Day is such an important day, for all the families and loved ones of officers who have died,” said 61-year-old Jayne.

“It gives us a chance to keep Terry’s memory alive while remembering the husband and dad he was. It’s a big day for us, and every year is just as significant as the last one. It never stops being important.”

Lowri in police uniform

Lowri followed in the footsteps of her father to join the police.

Jayne continued to explain how the memorial day brings families together and provides a network of support between loved ones. 

“It sounds strange to say it, but it really is a lovely weekend,” she added.

Lowri, who is now a sergeant and is currently on maternity leave having welcomed her first child, Isla, says the day is ‘full of emotion but so amazing’.

Baby Isla with Terry's hat.

Baby Isla with Terry’s hat.

“Even though Dad died a long time ago, this is still such a massive event for all of us. I don’t think people quite appreciate how much it means to all of us until you’re there and seeing it for yourself,” the 32-year-old added.

“It’s a day to remember - and not just to remember your loved one, but a chance to remember everyone who has died while on duty. Whether it’s a loved one, a friend or a colleague, they all should be remembered. 

“You get to know the other families and watch each other grow, year after year. In some ways, the event almost becomes like one big annual family reunion.”

Since passing out in 2017, Lowri has been wearing her dad’s collar number, something she says ‘helps to keep his memory alive’.

“I wear his collar with pride every single day,” continued Lowri, who lit the candle of remembrance for fallen officers at last year’s service.

“People still remember him. In fact, quite often, his former colleagues will come and speak to me about him. By wearing his collar number, I’m helping to keep his memory alive.”

Jayne, Lowri and Becky, along with their children and partners, will all be attending this National Police Memorial Day, which will be taking place at St David’s Hall in Cardiff on Sunday 24 September.