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GMP Federation

Greater Manchester Police Officers encouraged to complete Pay and Morale Survey

9 November 2023

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is lobbying the Government for a truly independent and impartial pay mechanism for police officers and remuneration which factors in the dangers officers face 24/7, and it is vital that members add their voice to the national campaign. 

Going live today this week, the Pay and Morale Survey 2023 is about more than just collecting insights on officers’ pay and working conditions as its findings will serve as a crucial pillar in supporting and taking forward the PFEW’s ongoing national pay campaign. 

Mike Peake, Chair of Greater Manchester Police Federation, said: “The Police Federation of England and Wales launched their Pay And Morale Survey this week, and I encourage you all to take the time to complete it. It is important that as many officers provide their views as possible, as the stronger the response, the stronger the message to those in government who set policing priorities and make decisions on police pay. 

“Fatigue in policing is currently our number one priority, and the current demand to frontline officers is overwhelming. In addition to the general demand that an improving force the size of GMP attracts, officers are constantly having their rest days cancelled in order to protect and keep the public safe during the many protests that we are currently seeing. 

“I want to assure officers that we are in constant dialogue with GMP around this issue, and I am confident that the force are doing as much as they can to utilise duty time resources before making the decision to cancel rest days. When policing events it is important that we have sufficient policing numbers in place to help minimise the risk to ourselves and our colleagues.” 

The annual survey also offers a unique opportunity to gain accurate and timely insights into the current state of police officers’ morale and wellbeing. 

These insights play a pivotal role in helping us shape policies that are geared towards supporting our members. 

It is a comprehensive effort to provide evidence not only to the Government and key stakeholders, but also inform the public with a thorough understanding of the challenges police officers face in their daily duties. 

It also ensures we capture the views of new recruits to the police service, allowing us to inform the Government, key stakeholders and the public of their needs and the challenges they face in their early years too. 

National Chair Steve Hartshorn emphasised the critical nature of this endeavour and said: “PFEW intends to conduct a membership ballot concerning the pursuit of industrial rights as soon as is practicable, as we recognise that the current system is unfair and inadequate in upholding police officers’ rights.  

“However, our annual survey’s outcomes will provide us with even more ammunition and compelling evidence, helping us present to the Government a unified perspective of our members.” 


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