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GMP Federation

GMP Chair Mike Peake takes a look at the challenges facing new Home Secretary James Cleverly

16 November 2023

"The current landscape within policing has never looked so perilous, and the new Home Secretary, James Cleverly has got his work cut out.

"Whilst we now have over 8,100 police officers in GMP the current demands being placed on frontline officers are unsustainable. The immediate concern is fatigue, as officers are working incredibly hard to service ongoing demands, and at times are struggling to take time off work to recharge their batteries.

"Greater Manchester is a huge and diverse area to police. On top of answering calls from members of the public it has a very busy city centre, it has many large concert and sporting events that all require policing. In addition to this we are currently seeing many protests and other events directly linked to the Hamas – Israel conflict, and officers are repeatedly having their rest days cancelled in order to keep the public safe.

"GMP under Chief Constable Watson are doing far more than before, we are arresting over 60% more offenders which will undoubtedly result in an increase of public complaints. Offenders do not like having their liberty taken away from them, and unfortunately this can result in many malicious and vexatious complaints being made. Police officers deserve the right level of support and backing when simply protecting the public and when fighting crime.

"Policing is a job like no other. In addition to the restrictions that are placed on officer’s professional and private lives, they cannot use the option of taking strike action as a bargaining tool for pay, and James Cleverly needs to acknowledge this. 

"This year police officers received an annual pay rise of 7%, and whilst this was welcomed by some it fell far short of the rate of inflation, and 10% short in comparison to what police pay was in 2010.

"In strained times, police officers in GMP are doing some amazing work and they deserve to be recognised more by the Government. I urge James Cleverly to engage, not just with the Police Federation of England and Wales, but with the rank and file officers who work tirelessly ever day to make the lives of others better. Only then will he get an accurate picture of the commitment being displayed and the risks and dangers that each officers faces in modern day policing."


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