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GMP Federation

#PolicePay: ‘Police officers who do not have the right to strike deserve fair pay’

21 April 2023

‘Police officers who do not have the right to strike deserve fair pay’

The current Federation pay campaign is evidenced based and in real terms it would require a pay rise of 17% to bring police pay level to what it was in 2000.

The government need to acknowledge the stark reality around the growing gap in police pay when compared to that of other public sector workers. We are currently seeing doctors, nurses and teachers opting to take strike action in an effort to obtain a fair pay deal from government, but police officers do not have that right available to them.

In 1919 the then government, when removing police officers right to strike, made a commitment to treat police officer pay fairly, something which over recent years the current government seem to have forgotten.

Greater Manchester Police should expect to attract and retain the very best candidates. The communities of Greater Manchester deserve the very best police service, but unless the gap in police pay is closed people are going to opt for alternative careers and opportunities.

Police officers, who hold a unique, often dangerous position without the right to strike deserve fair pay, and that is all we ask.


May 2024