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GMP Federation

If Government don't pay officers properly they will leave the service

22 February 2023

If the Government doesn’t pay police officers properly they will leave the service, putting law and order at risk, Greater Manchester Police Federation has said.

It was reported this week that the Government is planning a below-inflation 3.5% pay rise for police officers and other public sector workers.

Meanwhile official submissions to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) warned the Government that policing would be under threat if it continued to ignore calls for a fair pay increase. Police officers’ pay has fallen by almost 17% in real terms since 2010. A third of officers have fewer than five years’ experience, and a rising number are leaving for the private sector.

Mike Peake, Vice Chair of Greater Manchester Police Federation, said: “Policing under the current Government has diminished to dangerous levels, and it will take years for the police service to recover.

“We understand that there is a large hole in the economy, and we are currently seeing other public sector workers exercising their right to strike in an attempt to achieve fair pay in line with inflation rises.

“But the Government needs to decide whether they want law and order – which will be best achieved with experienced police officers – or be left with inexperienced officers, due to the constant churn of officers leaving as they feel devalued and unsupported with the drastic fall in police pay.”

Mike added that the uplift in police officers will not be felt for a few years, until the new recruits bed in.

He said: “Student officers will need to complete initial training and gain the experience required in the role before being confirmed in rank – this will take between two and three years before the force will see the benefit.

“In the meantime, officers continue to leave to find more attractive career opportunities outside of policing.”


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