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GMP Federation

Greater Manchester Police to move away from PoliceWorks system and replace with tried and tested product

22 March 2022

CC Stephen Watson: "PoliceWorks cannot be adapted or fixed to fully meet the needs of our organisation. We therefore intend to move away from the PoliceWorks system and to replace it with a tried and tested product already in use by other forces, rather than the development of bespoke technology."

Reacting, Lee Broadbent, Chair of Greater Manchester Police Federation, said: "For some time now PoliceWorks has hampered our operational effectiveness and been the source of huge frustration to our membership.

"Thinking back to the faulty training packages all the way to left shouldering its poor delivery and functionality to ‘user error’ the system has caused unnecessary stress and added to the general low morale of a dedicated workforce intent on bringing the best possible service to the communities of Greater Manchester.

"As a Federation, I’m sure like the vast majority of our members, we welcome today's announcement by the Chief Constable and the new leadership team with open arms.

"Sourcing and implementing a new system will not be an easy or straightforward task, but we are committed to working with the force on finding a replacement as soon as possible whilst providing the corporate memory needed to prevent us making the same/similar mistakes this time around.

"This announcement will no doubt provide a long awaited boost to morale for a workforce running on near empty. It should be welcomed as another clear indication that GMP are on the path to recovery, which is in no small part down to the fantastic people charged with delivering the day to day business."



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