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GMP Federation

Government boost of £1.1 billion extra to cut crime in 2022/23 is not what it seems, says Federation Chair

29 December 2021

Policing in England and Wales is to receive up to £1.1 billion extra to cut crime in 2022/23, according to the Government.

But all is not what it seems, according to Lee Broadbent, Chair of Greater Manchester Police Federation, as the Government neglects to mention here https://www.gov.uk/government/news/policing-to-receive-up-to-11-billion-extra-to-cut-crime that the “extra” money doesn’t cover the billions cut from policing during austerity.

“The Government are once again taking a smoke and mirrors approach to police funding and neither policing or the public should be fooled,” said Lee.

“Whilst any additional funding is welcome, it would be remis of us not to point out that between 2010 and 2015 (conveniently absent from the release) central police funding was cut by 25%. 

“Forces were required to go cap in hand to local authorities managing local community budgets (many already struggling) and ask for council precept increases to offset some of the cuts.

“Taking inflation into account from 2010 to present day, even with the additional £1.1billion investment, policing budgets are still £1.5billion behind where they should be. In essence what we are seeing is a drip feed of funding to replace what was previously ripped out.

“In terms of increased crime patterns and a decline in overall police performance/efficiency what we are seeing is the results of the first half decade of underfunding.

“As pressure mounts upon policing to deliver on the back of the recruitment ‘uplift’ and ‘new’ funding being made available, by the same metric, improved results will not be instantaneous and The Government should allow us the equal half decade recovery time before predictably beating us with a metaphorical stick having already set us up to fail.”


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