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Christmas and New Year Message from Lee Broadbent, Chair of Greater Manchester Police Federation

23 December 2021

Christmas and New Year Message from Lee Broadbent, Chair of Greater Manchester Police Federation

To say it’s been a whirlwind of 3 weeks since taking over the helm at GMPF would be something of an understatement.  It has been a baptism of fire and I have hit the ground running to get up to speed on a lot of topics impacting on your day to day.

There is a humbling privilege attached to being in a position where I can hopefully follow through on some of the concerns raised by you and/or by divisional reps on your behalf. There is also a huge weight of expectation that goes with trying to collectively deliver solutions to those concerns and delivery of ‘manifesto’ stances for people who have imparted confidence in me during the election process. 

I realised that before standing for the position, if I was successful it would be a testing and challenging tenure. Those thoughts have borne out into reality as the days progressed and the sheer scale of change being driven by our new Chief Constable landed in the inbox. I believe with the brilliant volunteer divisional Federation Reps dotted all around the force and the direction/input from a committed full-time team at Progress House, we the team at GMPF will deliver on providing you with the best support and advice possible to hopefully mitigate some areas of contention and challenge other aspects where appropriate in the months ahead.

However, it has not all been an overwhelming responsibility and a feeling of impending doom.  On the 9th December I had the honour of accompanying PC Alicia Snowden and PC Simon Toft to the National Police Bravery Awards held in London and shared the collective joy as they won the regional bravery award. The Chair of Greater Manchester Police Federation has praised two courageous colleagues who won the North West regional #PoliceBravery Award. (polfed.org)  Both PC Snowden and PC Toft displayed tremendous courage in facing, tackling and detaining a man armed with several weapons who had assaulted and threatened members of the public and staff in a medical setting. The graceful humility both officers displayed when accepting their reward was truly humbling.  The public don’t often get to hear about the fantastic and courageous acts undertaken or life changing impact your dedicated public duty brings each and every day.  It is my belief that when and where these qualities and situations arise, we should all collectively celebrate them and, in the future, I will do my upmost to bring them to public attention.  I’m hoping in this regard you have already noticed a difference in our media approach as we have tried to increase both delivery and relevant content on social media and general MSM platforms. 

I know many of you will be working over the festive period. For others, it’s a time to grab some well deserved ‘rest’ away from the onslaught of demand placed upon us throughout the last year. No matter how you happen to be spending/celebrating Christmas (if at all), try to enjoy it.  I’ve spent many a year picking at an impromptu shift buffet in the parade room on Christmas day and whilst not with biological or blood line family you, like me, can still derive enjoyment in the company and laughter of our work family.

All that is left for me to say is to look after each other. Keep in mind that this time of year can be difficult for some of our colleagues and if you’re worried about one of your friends/colleagues reach out and chat. If you don’t think you are the most suitable person to do that then please tell someone else or signpost your friend to one of the many organisations or people who can help. 

I’ve learnt through bitter experience that pride can be deadly. There are more people out there than you may realise who have the strength, capacity and experience to listen and share your problem(s) whatever they maybe. 

Happy Christmas everyone and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in what I hope will be a safe and prosperous New Year.

Stay Safe and speak soon

Lee Broadbent 
Greater Manchester Police Federation 


July 2024