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GMP Federation

New help for PTSD sufferers

15 January 2020

Greater Manchester Police Federation members can access new help for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Mynds is a hypnotic psychotherapy treatment delivered by professionals who have worked closely with military veterans suffering from PTSD. It’s based at Leon House in Prestwich, and is funded by the not-for-profit company Invisible Wounds, which means it’s free for Federation members. 

It’s also possible to do the programme remotely, over the internet, with a trained and qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

A recent survey of police officers and staff across the UK carried out by the University of Cambridge found that one in five had a form of PTSD – five times higher than in the wider population. 

In the work Mynds has done with military veterans, clinical hypnotherapy has been effective in helping sufferers diminish their symptoms and understand the root causes of how they feel. Veterans said it gave them more relief from PTSD than they’d had from any other therapy they’d tried. 

“This is a fantastic service that only works due to the dedication of the team there,” said GMP Federation Equality Lead Brett Grange. “It’s a truly unique offer that is free to members.” 

If you think this would benefit you or you want to recommend it to a colleague, email sarah.yuen@live.co.uk or contact her via LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuensarah/.


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