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GMP Federation

GMP Federation open meeting provided lively and varied discussion

14 February 2020

Officer safety, spit guards, improved equipment - including boots for officers, pensions, pay, IOPC and IOPS were just some of the topics debated at the GMP Federation Annual Open Meeting last night.  
GMP Federation Chairman Stu Berry took to the stage alongside a panel for an evening of lively and varied discussion in front of over 150 guests. 
There was some great news for colleagues as Stu and the force announced that there would be a full roll out of spit guards, hi-vis TAC vests and boots - all of which would be paid for by the force. 
Stu was joined at the meeting by GMP Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, PFEW Chair John Apter and PFEW Secretary Alex Duncan.
The Chief Constable opened the evening with a thanks to officers in Manchester.
First on the agenda was pensions, and an update was given from the National Secretary Alex Duncan. A full report of the update can be seen here https://www.polfed.org/news-media/latest-news/2020/an-update-on-the-pensions-situation/
On to discussion around pay, starting with a question from the floor in regards to bonus payments for detectives and the fact that they can take home up to £200 less per month than their colleagues. The Chief said that detectives in GMP would not be getting the payments.
Some good discussion surrounding targeted pay, with the Chief Constable confirming this is something he would like to see. He said that policing is a profession and we cannot just pay people more because they have been in the service for a long time. He agrees to incremental pay, but that there must also be rewards for increased levels of responsibility. 
There was some lively discussion surrounding Police Now and Direct entry routes, in particular from officers who were worried they wouldn’t be able to progress or change roles as these would now be filled with Police Now colleagues.
Chairman Stu Berry voiced his opinions that those coming into force on this scheme would not have the important frontline experience that officers have from traditional entry routes. The Chief said the force must accept that this is a route into policing, and that different entry routes bring brilliant and talented people. 
Discussion turned to IOPS. Officers outlined their frustrations with the new system. The Chairman agreed that although there needed to be change, IOPS was not working for officers and has to be improved. He called for software improvements, better training and better comms. CC Hopkins said that officers needed to stick with it and the force would work to implement recommendations made in the HMICFRS review - due out soon 
A brief update on Op custodian and the night time economy - a big topic from the 2019 open meeting. Stu said the issue was still around funding, but he was continuing to work hard on the issue as it is unfair that officers are being pulled from neighbourhoods to police the city centre. 
Final question was around the lengthy investigations carried out by the IOPC. PFEW Chair John Apter said that nationally the Federation were continuing to push the IOPC for time limits on investigations, but he felt there had been a change of tone at the organisation and progress was being made. 
Stu thanked all those who had attended the meeting and made their voices heard


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