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GMP Federation

Free help for GMP Federation members with a gambling problem

13 January 2020

Greater Manchester Police Federation members can now benefit from a free service that aims to tackle problem gambling.

The programme, run by Cognacity, which offers psychiatry, psychology, performance coaching and psychotherapy support, is being provided at the Leon House wellbeing clinic in Manchester.

Military service personnel and emergency service workers have already benefited from the programme.

More than 400,000 people in the UK alone are thought to have a ‘serious’ gambling habit, according to Gambling Commission figures.

GMP Equality Lead Brett Grange said the free service is a proven way to tackle the often hidden problem of gambling addiction.

“This is free treatment that would cost thousands to source privately,” he said.

“It’s a fantastic service open to our members; gambling addiction is a hidden addiction and is significantly more prevalent than many of us may think.”

The programme runs over weekends in two- to three-day bursts rather than in a longer residential format to help officers cope with normal work and family commitments.

All enquiries and treatment are confidential, and applicants will be given initial assessments to support any other mental health concerns they may have.

For more information, members can visit www.leonhouseprivateclinic.com, or email sean@leonhouseprivateclinic.com


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