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GMP Federation

Federation responds to report on GMP's implementation of iOPS

3 March 2020

GMP Federation responds to Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary’s report on the implementation by Greater Manchester Police of the Integrated Operational Policing System (iOPS).

The HMICFRS has produced its report and the recommendations therein and it is the responsibility of the force to consider and implement a plan of action to facilitate change. 

The full report can be seen here.

There was and continues to be a shared recognition for the need to introduce a new operating system within GMP, as the previous operating systems were ageing and becoming a risk for our members and the public.

That is a matter of fact, rather than opinion.

The initial implementation phase of Police-Works has caused several unforeseen issues for our members and the service Greater Manchester Police provides to the public, some of which were to be expected within a project of this complexity.

However, there have been several complications; they have required considerable efforts to resolve and those actions are ongoing.

Conversely, the introduction of the Control-Works system has been integrated with increased success and some of the benefits of the system are widely recognised. 

Throughout that time, the Chief Officer Group has facilitated consultation and we have worked with them to prioritise and expedite measures to enhance the stability of the system.

We have received considerable feedback from our membership and, in our view, the focus of immediate endeavours should be a significant improvement in the functionality and ease of use of the Police-Works system.

We will continue work towards that goal on behalf of our membership. It would be remiss for all stakeholders to fail to do so, and could lead to increased pressures for our membership and a reduction in productivity in the long term.

The current HMIC report is a snapshot of the circumstances at that time and we would welcome further and periodic inspection to assist the force, our members and the public we serve. 


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