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PCs McCoombes and Lamb attend Downing Street as part of The National Police Bravery Awards

18 July 2019

Two Greater Manchester Police officers who refused to let a drug-fueled, armed thief escape - despite being repeatedly stabbed - have been at Downing Street as part of The National Police Bravery Awards.

PC Andrew McCoombes said “We’re here today because we’ve been nominated for a Bravery Award in relation to an incident which involved dealing with an armed robber at a convenience store in Wigan last October 2018. Steve here, and myself, disarmed an offender at the convenience store and in the process was unfortunately injured, stabbed several times. We’re very lucky to be here today and very happy to be here today.

PC Stephen Lamb added “I’m delighted to be here. Bit shocked to get nominated but it will be a pleasure to spend the evening amongst our colleagues who have done similar, probably more brave acts than what we’ve done. I hope to enjoy the day and the evening.” 

PC Lamb and PC McCoombes were called to the scene of a robbery at a shop in Wigan after shouting and screaming had been heard.

As they arrived, they saw the offender climbing out of the shop under a metal shutter carrying a basket full of property. He tried to make his way off but PC Lamb chased him on foot.

PC Lamb grabbed him and tried to hold on to the offender but a struggle ensued and the offender produced a kitchen knife which he swung at the officer several times, cutting him.

PC McCoombes then arrived and also attempted to restrain the offender – and he also ended up with cuts.

The pair were resolute though, and despite their injuries, they held on to the suspect and arrested him. It later emerged after the incident in October last year that the man was a prolific offender.

A kitchen knife was then found that had broken due to the ferocity of the attack on the officers. The two shop assistants suffered shock after the robbery, as one had the knife held to her throat and the other to her back.

Stephen Unsworth, 36, of no fixed address, was jailed for eight-and-a-half years at Bolton Crown Court after admitting three charges of robbery; wounding with intent to resist arrest; and possessing a bladed article in a public place.

Stu Berry, Chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation, said: “What incredible bravery. We are fortunate that these two courageous officers were not more seriously hurt. With no thought for themselves, they bravely held on to this offender so he could not go on and do more harm to the people of Greater Manchester.“These officers’ heroics are very impressive, and they deserve a huge thanks from the community for all they do to keep people safe. We are so proud to call them our colleagues.”

The awards are sponsored by Police Mutual.



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