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GMP Federation

Looking ahead to 2019: Let's talk about pay more

7 January 2019

Police leaders should speak out more about police pay, says Greater Manchester Police Federation Chairman Stu Berry.

The National Police Chiefs Council recently said it recognises that officers are struggling to meet their basic costs of living.

NPCC Lead and Thames Valley Police Chief Constable Francis Habgood also said that the Government cannot continue to ignore PRRB recommendations on pay and that officers must be properly paid for what they do.

Looking ahead to 2019, Stu wants to see more of this sort of backing from the top.

“I welcome the support from any Chief Constable that will speak out in support of the rank and file,” he said.

“However, I would like to see this with increased frequency. The appointment of a new Chair of the Chiefs Police Council (Martin Hewitt) is a perfect opportunity for us to stand together regardless of rank and for that organisation to speak out as one.”

Cuts and the austerity measures being forced on policing were also behind an increase in the amount of crime being committed for each constable in England and Wales Stu added.

College of Policing stats show there are 51 crimes reported for every officer in England and Wales, up from 35 crimes being committed for every officer in 2013/14.

“The numbers do not surprise me,” he said.

“There is direct link to austerity, reduced policing budgets and the reduction in policing numbers. We cannot change the laws of physics and be in two places at the same time.

“Less officers on the frontline leads to increased workloads for the remaining officers within our police service. It is not a difficult calculation, yet the government seem to struggle with the concept.

“We are not crying wolf and this Government will only ever get the police service they deserve. We urge the public to support us.

“As long as people go on accepting a poor service it will financially profitable for the Government to dispense it,” he added.


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