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GMP Federation

IOPC under the microscope - great news for colleagues across the country, says Federation Chairman

29 October 2019

IOPC under the microscope - Home Affairs Select Committee to "examine the role and remit of the Independent Office for Police Conduct."

It will look at "progress in reforming the system following criticisms of the time taken to resolve complaints."

GMP Federation Chairman Stu Berry said: "This is great news for all serving officers across the country and I congratulate the endeavours and combined efforts from Local, Regional and National colleagues to highlight these issues.

"Police officers should, quite rightly, be accountable for their actions but the pendulum has swung way too far.

"The effectiveness of the IOPC has decreased at an increasing rate as they choose quantity over quality. Excessive investigation times continue to be a welfare risk to my members".

"The Government created this monster and many of our members have fallen into it's grip.

"Only the Government and this hard fought enquiry can change this."


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