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GMP Federation

Celebrating our centenary

2 January 2019

This year marks a milestone in the Police Federation of England and Wales’ (PFEW) history as the organisation turns 100.

The Federation was established by an Act of Parliament in 1919, and since then has worked to support and represent the interests of rank and file officers across England and Wales.

National Chair of the PFEW, John Apter, said:  “This is a big year for us as we turn 100. It’s important that we recognise the brilliant work that goes on locally and nationally to help make our members’ lives that little bit better, much of which goes on unseen every day.

“I accept we don’t always get it right and have had our difficulties but we shouldn’t ignore the organisation’s achievements – whether that be lobbying for better equipment, changing legislation to effect stronger sentences when it comes to police assaults or campaigning for better protection for emergency response drivers - we do make a difference.

“This year is about recognising how far we have come - learning from the difficulties we have had and moving forward, and more important than anything keeping our members at the heart of everything we do.”

The PFEW is starting this milestone year hot on the heels of a transformed election process, which appointed many new reps throughout England and Wales.  The principal team at the PFEW’s headquarters is working hard across local Federations to address a number of issues that have attracted criticism over the years, not least pay and pensions.

This year, as part of the centenary, we will focus on the significant difference that the Federation has made to members’ lives, both serving and retired – not only on a day-to-day basis, but also during key events in police history, covering issues like mutual aid, equality and how policing has changed.

We aim to showcase the human side of policing and how the Federation network has been there in times of need.  A lot of this work falls under the radar, but the dedication and support shown by Federation reps throughout England and Wales has saved lives, careers and relationships.

Through our members’ and past members’ voices we hope to demonstrate how far we have come, while looking to the future ahead of us.

For more information please visit the centenary page on the national Police Federation website.


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