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A judicial review into police pay is confirmed by PFEW

25 January 2019

A judicial review into how last year’s police pay review was handled has been given the go-ahead.

The PFEW launched the legal proceedings after accusing the Government of failing to act on the police pay recommendations put forward by the PRRB.

The application to lodge the review has now been ratified, with a hearing likely to take place this summer.

It will examine the lawfulness of how the pay award was decided, after the Home Secretary said the decision was the Government’s and not made by him alone.

PFEW Chairman John Apter said the decision to push for a judicial review had been an easy one to take.

“We welcome this positive news and will now be working hard to prepare and plan for this important issue which is crucially important to our members,” he said.

“Our members do not have industrial rights so it’s important they know we will stand up for them and fight their corner. It was only right that we legally challenged the process and the unfairness as doing nothing was simply not an option.”

The 2018 award was the second year in a row that the Government has ignored the PRRB’s pay recommendations. Officers’ pay was increased by just £2.50 a week, the PRRB put forward a 3% rise while the PFEW demanded a 3.4% pay rise for officers.

Ignoring the recommendations ‘undermined’ the whole system, Mr Apter said at the time.

For more; http://polfed.org/newsroom/6807.aspx


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