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GMP Federation

Update to the Quick Reference Guide to understanding Police Regulations

21 November 2018

The Quick Reference Guide to understanding Police Regulations has been updated by the Police Federation of England and Wales

Allowances, Expenses, Overtime, Sick Leave, Family Leave, Duty Time, Acting Up Allowance, Overtime, Leave and Rest Days all feature.

It's part of a new monthly focus on a key theme of police officer entitlements. This will cover subjects including annual leave entitlements, working hours and working away from home.

The aim is to highlight key issues and to make sure serving officers know exactly what they can claim as part of their role.

John Apter, National Chair of PFEW, said making sure officers were informed was a key part of the campaign: “Every day officers across England and Wales go over and above the call of duty to protect the public. It’s essential that they claim their basic entitlements - especially at a time when their hard work and dedication is not being recognised in their pay packets.

“We will continue to fight for members’ best interests, but also hope this campaign will help officers to be aware of - and claim - what is rightfully theirs and help them to understand what support is out there.

“Officers work tirelessly to help the public: that is what they signed up to do and will continue to do, but it is important that if their much-needed day off is cancelled, or they miss an important family event because of work they get that time back or are compensated for it. Being a police officer means other parts of your life are simply put on hold and we need to ensure they are fully supported.”




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