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Reps are 'well equipped' to support officers through PIPs says Federation

17 October 2018

Greater Manchester Police officers are supported by a raft of Federation Representatives trained in Post Incident Procedures.

GMP is now seeing an average of one post-incident procedure (PIP) a month and Representatives are well-equipped to support officers, one of our Conduct Leads Mike Peake has said.

PIP is the term applied to the management and investigation of any policing activity that has resulted in death or serious injury.

GMP Federation representatives attended the PIPs Seminar in Leicestershire this week to learn about new developments and share best practice.

Mike said at the conference: “Death or serious injury results in a mandatory referral to the Independent Office of Police Conduct and now we are seeing in GMP probably on average one post-incident procedure a month. That is as a result of police pursuits, deaths in custody, unfortunate cases were people have thrown themselves from a motorway bridge.

“We’ve got eight full-timers at Progress House that are all trained in post-incident procedure and now workplace Reps are being trained too.”

However, he added: “More needs to be done at the force to ensure line managers are properly trained in post-incident procedures so that officer welfare could be supported at an early stage.”

Mike said Federation Reps are highly trained and the Federation has the best solicitors available to support officers: “Rest assured that we will be there usually well before an hour, fully trained, fully capable, willing and motivated to help you in that situation. We will look after our members.”

The meeting heard how good PIP procedure can save officers’ careers and wellbeing. Two Staffordshire PCs told delegates that they were embroiled in an investigation after faulty technology said they were driving at 100mph before a collision. The investigation ensured that they were properly supported and evidence secured that proved that they were clear of any wrongdoing.

Pictured are some of the GMP delegates at this week’s seminar.


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