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GMP Federation

Officers exonerated in IOPC Begley case

15 June 2018

“Two investigations lasting almost five years, millions of pounds of public money wasted and finally officers’ actions exonerated in the Jordan Begley case.”

Six Greater Manchester Police officers have been told by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) today that the body has recommended they have no case to answer over their response to a knife incident in 2013.

GMP Federation Chairman Stu Berry (pictured) said: “The recommendations of the Jordan Begley investigation - into what was a fast moving and dynamic police incident in July 2013 - were released by the IOPC earlier today.

“This outcome is welcomed by both the officers and the Police Federation, but the timescale is indicative of how the IOPC clearly needs more than just a name change. It needs reform and to considerably improve its working practises.

“The 2018 World Cup is upon us. To put this investigation into some perspective, it began well before the previous tournament.

"Unfortunately, this highlights the length of time it has taken to reach these conclusions.

“Disappointingly there are many more similar cases around the country.

“The IOPC has to appreciate the impact these ridiculously long investigations have on police officers, their families and the communities we serve. The Federation is keen to work with them to facilitate the changes that are much needed.”

Stu added: “The police are quite rightly accountable to the public, but an expedited process of investigation should be standard practice - not an aspiration.

“The restrictions placed on five of these officers during the majority of the previous five years have prevented them from engaging in front line policing and armed policing throughout.

“That is more than £1 million of public money spent on salaries for these officers to essentially sit behind desks in times of austerity and when the threat level to the country has been severe.

“That’s not even factoring in the cost of the two lengthy investigations and the Judicial Review.

“I am hopeful that the new Director General of the IOPC, Michael Lockwood, is listening to these concerns. It can be turning point for the IOPC or a continued failure to learn and reform.

“There is nothing more destructive than pressure and time. The stress, anguish and worry cannot be overstated. I wish the very best to officers involved and hope they can start to rebuild their careers in the future.”


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