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Men jailed for driving car at police officer

11 December 2018

Two men have been jailed after hitting a Greater Manchester police officer with a stolen vehicle back in May 2018, writes Aaron Wilson.

Police Constable Nina Foran was injured in the line of duty after Reham Baluch and Saqib Kader attempted to make off with the stolen car.

PC Foran bravely approached the two men to demand that they get out of the car. It was at this point that Baluch reversed the vehicle in an attempt to flee the scene, and the car door slammed into PC Foran. The impact caused her to be thrown into a parked car and then to the floor.

PC Foran was then struck by the car for a second time as Baluch and Kader drove towards her causing the driver’s door to slam into PC Foran again, throwing her to the floor for a second time.

PC Foran, a member of Greater Manchester Police’s Bury Borough, was rushed to hospital, suffering an injury to her hand and bruising across her body.

A member of the public also suffered cuts and bruises as the car sped forwards.

Baluch was later arrested and charged after abandoning the stolen vehicle in Cheetham Hill.

After the sentencing, Detective Constable Keith Holt, from GMP’s Bury Borough, said: “This was completely reckless behaviour by Baluch and Kader and they showed absolutely no regard for the officers or pedestrians involved.

“The manner in which Baluch acted was careless beyond belief, and it is only down to sheer luck that more people weren’t injured.

“Officers put themselves on the line to protect our streets, but they should never be subjected to something like this.”

Baluch was sentenced to seven years in prison for dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, aggravated taking of a motor vehicle without consent, section 47 assault and attempted section 18 assault.

Accomplice Kader will serve one year in prison for aggravated taking of a motor vehicle without consent, and he was disqualified from driving for one year.

You can see footage of the incident here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3wIqm0GmiQ


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