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Hero Manchester PC saved man in dramatic River Irwell rescue

19 February 2018



A courageous police officer who leapt into the freezing water of the River Irwell to save a distressed man from drowning has spoken of his pride.

Mohammed Nadeem, a student police constable, dove in to help a man who had fallen into the river in Radcliffe on Saturday, pulling him to safety.

The 32-year-old, who is a father-to-be, said: "I have attended serious incidents but never anything on this scale.

"I am very happy and proud to be a police officer and I am proud of what I have done, saving someone's life, it's a great feeling."

He responded to a radio call shortly before 2pm, after police were called to reports of concern for the welfare of a man near to Hardy's Gate Bridge, in Dumers Lane.

Specialist officers attended and began negotiating with the man, but he fell into the water shortly after.

PC Nadeem, whose heroics have earned him the nickname 'The Hoff', said: "I got to the scene and there was a man next to the river bank on his phone.

"I tried to speak to him to find out who he was and if I could help him, but he ignored me and didn't really talk.

"At that point two more vehicles parked up, with two sergeants, a PCSO, and a police officer, to see if they could help and get him from where he was.

"As we were doing this he fell into the river.

"I then went to the river bank, which was a good nine or 10ft drop and got into the water.

"He toppled under the water and I could see he was drowning, so I jumped into the water at that point.

"The water was very fast-paced and very cold, and there was a bit of a waterfall ahead.

"His body was moving up and down but his head was down in the water.

"He was trying to pull himself up but because of the water flow he just couldn't manage.

"I was seriously concerned for his safety. I was thinking he was taking in a lot of water.

"I managed to get to the man and pull him up as his head was still in the water, and he appeared to be drowning.

"I'm not a great swimmer and if the water was flowing faster than it was I think that I would have struggled myself."

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