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Government announces 2% rise for officers

24 July 2018

The Government has announced that all police officers will get a 2% pay rise from 1 September.

However, because last year’s pay award consisted of a 1% rise and a 1% one-off bonus, it means that officers are effectively only getting another 1% in their pay packets.

Extra funds to pay for the award will also have to be found from force coffers, the Government has announced.

The Government ignored The Police Remuneration Review Body’s (PRRB) recommendation that the 1% non-consolidated award from last year be paid in 2017/18 on top of the 2% award.

However, that was dismissed with a Home Office statement saying that ‘police employers had advised that the maximum affordable amount which could be paid would be the 2% rise’.

Effectively that means the rise can be considered as being just 1%.

PFEW Chairman nominee and Hampshire Police Federation Chairman John Apter told Police Oracle that the news would be a ‘kick in the teeth’ for officers.

"I am angry at the Government who yet again have shown nothing but contempt for hardworking police officers”, he said.

“They have ignored the PRRB who recommended a higher pay award.”

PFEW Conduct Lead Phil Matthews who is also standing for Chairman said the award had made a ‘mockery’ of the PRRB and hardworking officers.

"It will destroy the morale of police officers," he told Police Oracle, "they are already being run to the ground and it will take a massive toll on their wellbeing."

Other public-sector workers including teachers will receive a 3.5% pay rise the Government announced.

The cash to pay for the rise in teaching salaries will be paid to schools by the Government.

That’s not the case for policing, meaning forces which are already having to make £100 million in savings, will have to foot the increased pay bill from existing budgets.

A Home Office statement says its recent £460 million injection into the police service, through Council Tax precepts will be used by forces to pay for the award.

The Home Office states that the average pay for a PC will now be £38,600 and that the increase is made up of a 2% increase for all police officer ranks, a 2% increase to London Weighting payments and a 2% increase to the dog handlers’ allowance.

The PRRB’s recommendations for recruits on PC degree apprenticeships was accepted meaning their salaries can range from £18,000 to £23,586.


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